Companies that add value to Grupo CCR with engineering, technology and administration solutions

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  • CCR Actua
    Working with excellence in the rendering of shared services, adding value to clients, reducing costs and optimizing processes, investing in automation and self-service to ensure competitiveness, corporate safety and maintain customer satisfaction.
  • CCR Engelog
    CCR Engelog is the Engineering Center responsible for managing the investments of Grupo CCR concessionaires. Its expertise allows executing projects and civil works with the best results, enabling greater user comfort, flow, orientation and safety.
  • CCR EngelogTec
    CCR EngelogTec is Grupo CCR’s technology center, with a strategic and functional participation in business units regarding Information Technology, Automation, Electric-Electronic Maintenance processes. The center focuses directly on the management of these processes at concessionaires of highways, subways, ferries, airports, service companies and telecom infrastructure company.
  • SAMM
    Samm is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the CCR Group and provides high-capacity data transmission services through fiber optics installed along highways and the subway Line 4 – Yellow. The company operates in 142 municipalities in the States of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and Paraná, which, together, account for 34% of Brazil’s GDP. Its current operations network comprises more than 4,755 kilometers of underground fiber optics with ring topology and 24x7 monitoring. Samm also operates over 2,201 kilometers of optic access in urban networks.
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