Respect toward society, our users and the environment

Enable investment solutions and services in infrastructure. This is Grupo CCR’s main contribution to Brazil’s economic, social and environmental development.

In order to achieve the institutional targets and guidelines defined by its shareholders and add value where it does business, Grupo CCR executes its role based on its beliefs and values.

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The importance of partnerships between private initiative (business people, investors, funders) and government for the development of the country’s infrastructure sector;

Cutting-edge business activity, supported by proactive courage, assured predictability, simplicity, reliability of information and negotiation seriousness;

The legitimate pursuit of economic-financial results;

The rendering of good-quality public service for satisfying people’s needs as a pillar of business perpetuity;

Corporate social responsibility, preservation of life and the environment;

The creative, realizing and transformational capacity of human beings, working as a team with a business mentality, leading the organization to master its challenges and surpass limits;

Participative management and results-based compensation, based on an analysis of individual contribution to obtain people’s commitment and add value to the business.


Disengagement - the path for people and company growth 

Integrity - the foundation of personal and professional relations 

Boldness - productivity, creativity and persistence to seek challenges and overcome limits

Respect - towards others, life and nature 

Autonomy - freedom to act responsibly