Since 2012, Grupo CCR also operates airports

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  • BH Airport
    Grupo CCR, in association with the airport operator Flughafen Zürich AG (company that manages the Zurich International Airport), and Infraero created BH Airport, the company responsible for managing the Belo Horizonte International Airport in Confins, Minas Gerais. The airport, where 11.2 million passengers travel per year, is the 5th in the country in terms of passenger movement and an important hub for air transport. BH Airport’s operation marks the entry of Grupo CCR into the national airport segment.
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  • TAS
    As part of the expansion strategy in the airport sector, Grupo CCR acquired 70% of TAS (Total Airport Services), an American company that provides airport services such as: passenger service, storage and cargo handling, baggage handling, ground service and ramp control. It is present in the main American airports, serving more than 30 airlines, such as: Lufthansa, United, Airfrance, American Airlines, Korean Air, Nippon Cargo, among others.
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  • Quiport
    It is the concessionaire responsible for the construction, operation and management of the New International Airport of Quito - Mariscal Sucre. The airport, opened in February 2013, is located 25 kilometers from the Ecuadorian capital. Every year, about 5 million people use the airport.
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  • Aeris Holding Costa Rica
    Juan Santamaría International Airport is the main gateway to Costa Rica and essential for the country’s development. In recent years, Aeris Holding Costa Rica has transformed the airport, benefiting 5 million passengers a year. Airlines now rely on better services and operating conditions.
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  • Curaçao Airport Partners
    Curaçao Airport Partners is the concessionaire responsible for operating Curaçao International Airport in the Caribbean. The airport is just a few kilometers from the capital Willemstad and is strategic for transporting goods and supplying fuel to the Caribbean and Latin America. In addition, more than 1.6 million passengers use the airport every year.
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