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Compliance Program

Grupo CCR and its subsidiaries are signatories to the United Nations Global Compact, being especially focused on the initiatives proposed by the Anti-Corruption Thematic Group and committed to the adoption of the Integrity in the Construction Sector Booklet. Our success is based on integrity and respect principles and our values on our Code of Ethical Conduct and Clean Company Policy, in line with the guidelines of the Novo Mercado segment.

Supported by Senior Management, we constantly reinforce the continual disclosure and update of the Compliance Program created in 2015 to guide our employees, shareholders and third parties, at all levels, regarding the need to develop sustainable business in accordance with internal policies and standards, as well as in compliance with regulations of the countries where we operate.

We are constantly seeking the best market practices, fighting corruption, bribery, graft and facilitation payments. In this regard, the program contains several policies and standards for third-party risk assessment, donations and sponsorships, gifts, interaction with public agents and conflicts of interest. We are continually running training and communication campaigns to engage everyone in the culture of compliance.

To ensure all procedures are followed, Grupo CCR and its subsidiaries monitor the program to map potential non-compliances, which will be subject to disciplinary actions, if applicable. 

The Compliance Area is part of the Vice Presidency of Compliance, Governance and Internal Audit, which reports to CCR’s Board of Directors, thus bringing independence to perform day-to-day activities.

To access the Code of Conduct and Ethics, click here.

To access the Anti-Corruption and Clean Company Police, click here. 

Supplier Code of Ethics 

The Supplier’s Code of Ethical Conduct provides the main guidelines and some practical improvements that should govern current and future relations with any individual, legal entity or unincorporated entity, with whom CCR S.A. and its Subsidiaries engage, including service providers, vendors, consultants, customers, business partners, contracted or subcontracted third parties, tenants, commercial space assignees, regardless of formal contract, including those who use the CCR Group name for any purpose or who provide services, supply materials, interact with government officials, the government or other third parties on behalf of the CCR Group.

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Whistleblowing Channel (Ethics Line)

Grupo CCR and its subsidiaries encourage conscientious, good faith use of the whistleblowing channel. Any employee, manager, shareholder or third party that is aware or has evidence of non-compliance with internal policies and standards and the Brazilian legislation should access the Ethics Line and make a report.

The Whistleblowing Channel is managed by a third-party company operating 24/7 and addresses all reports impartially, confidentially and anonymously – if so the informant prefers.

To access it,  click here.

CCR does not tolerate retaliation. To access the Confidential Channel Reporting Standard, click here.