Maintain infrastructure services, providing a well-cared for physical path so that people can take better care of their own journeys.

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Purpose CCR

To direct our work, we identified 5 “hows” that support our purpose and bring together values, beliefs, attitudes and paths through which we will achieve our goals.

Understand the life of our customers: Our services deeply impact the life o four customers. Setbacks can affect them and good experiences can delight them. We have to understand them in depth not only as users, but as people.

Create our own opportunities: Our inspiration to generate demand and innovation are our current and potential customers. The opportunities will come by understanding them and proposing solutions proactively. So we can influence contractors to generate more and new business for the company.

Think integrated: Mobility must be approached in an integrated manner, as this is how our customers experience transport modes. Internally, we must also cross lessons and opportunities, avoiding setbacks.

Operate with excellence and responsibility: Our business demands excellence in services, we deal with human lives, and for this reason, health and safety are our values. We operate with this dual responsibility: ensuring our customers, employees, shareholders, society, the environment and the responsible use of our company's resources.

Do not negotiate ethics: Our reputation is our greatest asset and is not traded under any circumstances and for any public. Each one of us must ceaselessly take care that our actions – individuals or colleagues – do not put it at risk.