Maintain infrastructure services, providing a well-cared for physical path so that people can take better care of their own journeys.

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Purpose CCR

To direct our work, we identified values that support our purpose.

SECURITY IS OUR CONDITION OF EXISTENCE: We consider health and safety topics in all our actions and decisions, from the simplest day-to-day ones to those with a high impact on the company. Everyone must look out for and promote a culture of safety in their areas of influence.

WE UNDERSTAND OUR CUSTOMERS' NEEDS: Our services profoundly impact the lives of our customers. We focus on actively listening to external and internal customers and other audiences, on adapting to their needs and generating value.

WE ARE PROTAGONISTS IN CREATING OPPORTUNITIES: We are protagonists in creating opportunities and realizing results by mobilizing people and resources. We encourage the diversity of ideas and initiatives that promote transformations.

WE ACT IN AN INTEGRATED WAY: We act in an integrated way by creating synergies between external partners, business units and areas. We consider the impact of our decisions and actions on the entire company.

WE DO NOT NEGOTIATE ETHICS: Our reputation is our greatest asset and is not up for negotiation under any circumstances, and for any public. Each of us must be relentlessly careful to ensure that our actions - individually or as colleagues - do not put it at risk.

WE LEAD BY EXAMPLE, MOTIVATED BY PURPOSE: We lead by example, with transparency and coherence between speech and practice. We value autonomy and trusting relationships and create a healthy environment to get the best out of people in the pursuit of results.